DAY 10

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Today was yet another long, hot day. But, we passed three very exciting spots.

The first was the Easter Continental Divide. For those not familiar, it is the division of the Eastern watersheds. Every drop of water that falls to the East of the divide goes into the Potomac River, and every drop to the West goes into the Ohio River. It is also the highest point on the GAP trail, and we finally headed downhill after going up for days. The second was the Big Savage Mountain Tunnel. The tunnel is almost a mile long and it took us about 15 minutes to get all the way through. When we reached the other side, the scenery had completely changed and we got a beautiful view of the hills. It was also about 20 degrees cooler inside, which was a refreshing break from the heat.

Finally, we passed the Mason Dixon line and crossed into Maryland, even though my mom insisted on standing with one foot in each state for a minute. There is a cute little park right on the line, but it was very hot so we didn’t stay for long. Tonight we are camping in Frostburg, a small town built on hills. We had to hike up several of said hills and approximately 2 million steps to reach the camp and a restaurant for dinner, but we did it all without complaining about blisters or bruises, because we are tough now. Nobody better mess with us after we get back.


Trail miles- 16

Steps- 44,297

Money raised today- $1,524

New patches of sunburn- 4

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