DAY 11

Last day of the GAP trail!!

We didn’t sleep as well as we should’ve because it was pouring down rain outside of our tent and there were a couple leaks that dripped on us during the night. We set off a little later than normal and it was both very hot and very humid, a lovely combination. About 8 miles in it started to rain on us, our first experience with rain while walking. We put our ponchos on and were completely fine, in fact it cooled us down. After that we walked at about 3 mph (very fast) to get to Cumberland expeditiously. The miles flew by with very little pain or discomfort. My dad had come up from Charleston to meet us and we walked to our hotel together from mile marker 1. We wanted to find mile marker 0 for the photo op, but I’m not entirely sure it exists, and everyone we asked about it was equally confused. After we inevitably gave up and went to the hotel, we made my dad pick up some food since he can get in a car and we can’t. Man, restaurant food is so good. So are real beds. This trip has really made me realize all of the luxuries I have in my everyday life, especially the things I used to think everyone was just entitled to. My hope is that this trip will be helping some of the people in my community that don’t have those luxuries. I‘m looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow, though I still have plenty of things on my agenda. Sweet dreams to anyone seeing this at the appropriate time.


Trail Miles-15


Money raised today- $1,406

Rocks shaken out of my shoe- 13

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