DAY 12/13

DAY 12

Today was our rest day in Cumberland. Did we rest? Not really. Around noon, me and both of my parents walked into town and had lunch at the Queen City Creamery, a restaurant we always visit when in town (I highly recommend!) Then, we walked about 2 miles back up the trail to visit a store we’d seen on the way; Fruit Bowl Candyland. It was about the most exciting store ever, with rows upon rows of candy, chocolate, nuts, and fruit. We bought a *healthy* supply of candy and then walked back to the hotel. Other than a trip out to the grocery store later, we spent the rest of the day in the hotel room, and I worked on my online course for school, which was the first time I’ve really been able to so far. We have long way to go tomorrow, but I’m glad my dad was able to visit and the rest day was very well spent.

DAY 13

Our first day on the C&O Canal. This trail is pretty different from the GAP trail, and it certainly is not as well maintained. I suspect this portion of the walk will be more difficult than the former half, but my mom and I are toughened up and prepared for the challenge, although we were tested tonight.

There was barely any shade for the first couple miles out of Cumberland, and even though we set off quite early we still got baked in the sun. Later on it wasn’t as bad, but the heat was sweltering, probably into the 90s. We took frequent breaks and stayed hydrated, so we at least survived.

We reached the campground around 5 PM and had plenty of time to set up the tent and eat. The “campground” consists of us, a single fire pit and a single table, in the middle of an empty field. Because we are completely isolated, I was a little concerned when large storm clouds moved in overhead. Around 8 PM, a massive thunderstorm started and all we had to protect us were the walls of the tent. Turns out, the old tent was no longer fully water proof and we soon started to get wet. If it were light rain it would’ve been no problem, but the torrential downpour had us bailing out puddles from the middle of the tent. At one point, I literally saw a baby frog climbing up across the top. Eventually, the storm died down and now we are safe, just a little damp. Let‘s pray for no more tropical storms until this trip is over.


Trail miles- 15

Steps- 47,803

Money raised today- $1,429

Pints of water in our tent- 2.5

(Photos are from both day 12 and 13.)

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