DAY 14

I believe today has been the hardest day out of any, mentally. Everything just seemed difficult, and even with the short distance we walked, I was desperate for it to be over by the end.

I woke up feeling a bit sluggish after a damp, restless night of sleep. The extra moisture in a lot of our equipment made a noticeable difference in how heavy the packs were. We stopped for breakfast at an old school house which had been converted into a restaurant. It was interesting, but I wasn’t hungry.

In the afternoon, we were largely in the hot sun again with no shade, and the nasty iodine-treated water from the campsite made it hard for me to want to stay hydrated. By around 2 PM, all I’d eaten was a cliff bar and I wasn’t drinking as much water as I should. I was hangry and in a frightening mood, in fact I hereby apologize to my mother.

Then it got about 10 times worse. The canal we are walking alongside is grown over and in places basically just a swamp, making it the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. In the last 4 miles, we ran into a huge swarm of them, and if we stopped for a break or even slowed down, I would be devoured. We were forced to walk the whole rest of the way as fast as we could.

We finally reached the campground, and after some food and rest, I’m feeling a lot better. I now realize just how important food, water, and sleep are, and from now on I will be more careful. No matter what, we are finishing this route.


Trail miles- 13

Steps- 42,439

Money raised today- $1,143.60

Puddles of water on the trail- 46,346

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