DAY 15

Another day out in the heat.

We started the morning by going through the Paw Paw Tunnel, an old canal tunnel that looked like something out of a Tolkien book. It was completely dark inside and the only thing that prevented us from falling into the murky canal water was a slightly unstable wooden rail. After that we walked along a very overgrown path for several miles, sandwiched between the Potomac River and the old, mostly dried up canal. Nothing much happened for the majority of the day, besides the occasional swarms of mosquitos that really tested my patience. My legs look like they are patterned at this point. We got to our stop for the night, a commercial campground, pretty early in the evening. It started to rain, and so instead of risking having to sleep in a damp tent again, we just put our rolls and sleeping bags in the breezeway near the bathroom and slept out in the open. I think I like sleeping out in the open better than in a tent, except I’m slightly afraid to wake up with bugs in my hair.


Trail miles- 14

Steps- 43,234

Money raised today- $1,334.20

Baby deer sighted- 5

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