DAY 16

Today was our fastest-walked day yet.

We set out from the campground extra early, and it was still misty and cool out. We were feeling really well rested and pain free so we walked almost 7 miles in the first stretch. At record time, too.

We tried to stop, but every time we slowed down the mosquitoes devoured us. I looked up why mosquitos are more attracted to some people than others, apparently it’s because us lucky few have a higher concentration of lactic acid in our skin. Anyways, because of the swarms we only took two real stops the whole day, and we arrived at the hotel extra early. It’s so nice to be in a real bed again, even though it feels like

we are cheating.

Hey, I’ll take cheating over being stuck out with the mosquitoes any day.


Trail miles- 17

Steps- 47,330

Money raised today- $1,620.10

Fastest mile time- 16 minute, 43 seconds

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