DAY 17

Today we started to reach civilization again.

The past couple days have felt like walking in the complete wilderness, with no cell service and only seeing 5-6 other people a day. We are now starting to get to areas with more access into towns, so we’ve passed lots of people walking their dogs and jogging, which is comforting. The mosquitoes also weren‘t as bad today, hallelujah. Other than that, not much has been different from the other days. The trail is pretty monotonous and the scenery hasn’t changed since our first day on the C&O. That’s one of the things I miss about the GAP trail, we never knew what to expect. Of course, both trails are beautiful in their own right.

Today was a very long day and we didn’t reach the campground until the sun was setting. We were so tired that we didn’t bother putting up the waterproof layer of the tent and just slept under the screen. We have another long day tomorrow, so I hope the god of mosquitos and sore legs spares us.


Trail miles- 23

Steps- 58,158

Money raised today- $2,191.90

Spiderwebs destroyed (by accident)- 42

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