DAY 18

Today was another day that felt like an eternity.

We got up and out of the campsite pretty early and walked a couple miles to the nearest town, where we charged our devices and got enough food for the next 6 meals. Today was our sixth day of walking in a row, and we’d gone significantly above our average mileage in the last couple days, so we were feeling pretty tired already. The extra weight of all that food didn't help, although my mom carried most of it. We trudged along for the first 10 miles, and I had to switch my shoes because I discovered several large blisters around my heels. It’s pretty surprising that I’d even managed to make it that far without any bad blisters, honestly.

A couple slow miles later and we reached a point where the canal merged into the Potomac, and trail became just a ledge along the river with absolutely no shade under the blazing sun. It went on for about three miles, and we had no choice but to just walk as fast as we could to get out. We also passed several groups of bikinied girls my age sitting on the ledge, which in my opinion was worse than walking through a swarm of mosquitos. When we were finally out of the sun and just had a few miles to the campground, we discovered that the mile markers were not accurate and were actually 1.3 miles apart, and we had to walk even more than we expected. Still, we finally made it, and tomorrow is the home stretch before our rest day in Shepherdstown. We’re almost there!


Trail miles- 18

Steps- 53,941

Money raised today- $1,715.40

Teenagers I did NOT make eye contact with- 11

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