Today felt like 2 years. We thought it would be 16 miles to the campground, but we ended up walking 21. The morning was spent walking along the Monongahela river, which was completely lined with industrial sites. At one point we had to walk several miles fenced in on either side because of the steel yards. On the bright side, at least we had enough water, and we saw some very nice goats. Later we switched to the Youghiogheny river at a junction, and the path after that was very scenic. Everyone in this rural Pennsylvania area was exceedingly nice, and on multiple occasions people stopped for us, giving advice and exchanging stories about the trail. These were some of the most interesting and crazy people I’ve ever met. They make me excited for tomorrow’s walk, even though I can already feel my calves seizing up. We stopped for the night in Dravo’s Landing and are sleeping in the tent for the first time.


Trail miles- 21


Money raised today- $1813.34

Conversations with random strangers- at least 15

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