Today was definitely the toughest day yet. My legs are very sore and stiff, and although it was only 16 miles we couldn’t walk more than an hour or so at a time. Making it worse, there wasn’t much shade the whole way and I got sunburned despite the pint of sunscreen I used.

Later in the day we stopped and waded in the river, which was beautiful. We are staying in a hotel tonight, but to add insult to injury the last 1.5 miles to it were up a giant hill.

We are getting to be celebrities out here: yesterday one of the ladies who runs this section of the trail’s Facebook page took a picture of us and today several people who saw it stopped and asked us if we were the hikers from West Virginia. I suppose it’s pretty hard not to notice us.

I‘m very tired so this is all I’ll write for today, but I’m excited for tomorrow!


Trail Miles- 16

Steps- 38,642

Money Raised Today- $1480

Bunnies Seen- 5

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