DAY 21

Our longest day of the whole trip!

It was also (hopefully) the hottest day of the whole trip. The temperature was in the high 90s for most of the day.

We left fairly early in the morning, Andy and Mary saw us off on the trail. We got in as many miles as we could in the cool but pretty soon it was sweltering. We passed by Harper’s Ferry in the late morning, where there was a gigantic party of several hundred people in the river. After that, Andy and Mary met us on the trail again walked for a few more miles. It seems we’ve inspired several people to take up trail walking recently!

Even after wilting in the heat and bandaging up blisters, we managed to remain pretty unbothered through the day. We kept our eyes on the prize of finishing in a couple of days, and the walking was over before we knew it. That being said, we did stop in Brunswick for an essential ice cream stop. If anyone happens to be in the area, I highly recommend the Towpath Creamery.

Brunswick was our last reachable town until DC, so we will have a bag of supplies driven out to us tomorrow (courtesy of Andy and Mary, again) to get us through the last couple days.

As of now, we are in a campground directly next to the working railroad tracks, so hopefully we won‘t be kept up all night. Either way, I have full confidence we will finish.


Trail Miles- 24

Steps- 60,395

Money raised today- $2,246.60

Trains seen- 7

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