DAY 22

Today we had every possible annoyance thrown at us.

We started out early in the morning, when the weather was still bearable. Just a couple miles in, we heard several huge cracking noises and we looked up to see the whole limb of the tree overhead dangerously close to falling on us. It was definitely a bad omen, for pretty soon after that the temperature rose to right around 100°, and we we didn’t have much shade. The humidity was also terrible, which meant the mosquitos were out and hungry. To make things worse, the first water stop we

were depending on had the pump handle removed to prevent people from using it. After hours of wilting in the heat, we finally made it to White’s Ferry. Andy and Mary were there waiting for us with food and supplies (since there are no more real services for the rest of the trip) and they seemed like our guardian angels at that moment. That was the one highlight of the day, but things didn’t get much better afterwards. I had an back ache and knee pain for the remaining 5 miles, and the heat didn’t get any better. We finally made it, though. We only have 30 miles left for the last two days.

Everything will be fine. I just hope the very real raccoon I just saw 5 feet from the tent doesn’t find our food. Uh oh-


Trail miles- 20

Steps- 50,184

Money raised today- $1,906

Degrees too many- 30

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