DAY 23

We’re so close to victory we can taste it! We can also taste the iodine in our drinking water, which unfortunately isn’t as appetizing.

We started walking a little before 7 in the morning, to try and get as many miles is while it was still cool. Cool, meaning 82 degrees. The blisters from my tennis shoes got so bad that I had to wear my sandals the whole day, which gave me more blisters in different places. Tomorrow I get to choose between the two pains. I also can’t wait to shove my feet back into pointe shoes the day after we get back.

All said, we made it pretty easily to the campground in the early afternoon. It was technically closed, but we didn’t really have a choice and no one stopped us from walking in. At this point, all the pains and inconveniences we’ve experienced on this trip seem irrelevant, and it’ll be weird going back to the cushy, comfortable way of life I thought was normal. If anything, this trip has been a reminder for us to check our privilege, something I think everyone should do once in a while.

These last few days have been the hardest of the whole trip, so it’s a good thing I‘m so incredibly stubborn. Tomorrow is the final push. I’ll make it no matter what happens.


Trail miles- 14

Steps- 35,115

Money raised today- $1335.20

Blisters- 6

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