Today was pretty uneventful up until the end. We started by walking back up the giant hill from our hotel to get to the trail, but after that we were in the shade almost the whole day. It’s been pretty difficult to eat well so far, and this morning we had access to fresh fruit for the first time. I will never take the endless supply of fruit at home for granted again.

We walked the whole day in intervals of four miles, and around mile 19 we reached the KOA site, an RV park and vacation destination. It had a pool and a restaurant, which we took advantage of. The last three miles hurt a good bit and it didn’t help that we had to dodge the baby frogs that were everywhere. Tonight we are sleeping without a tent under an adirondack shelter, because the weather is perfect. I hope these days start to get less painful, but I’m keeping a positive attitude because I know it’ll all be worth it.


Trail miles- 21

Steps- 53,571

Money raised today-$1942.50

Baby frogs avoided- 20+

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