Updated: Jul 4, 2020

NOTE- Going forward we probably won’t have very good cell phone service, but I’m still trying my best to post as soon as we reach WiFi.

Today was one of the more challenging days to get through.

The very first person we encountered this morning was a man in the park who offered a snake that he had found. Yes, a snake. Yes, we stopped to pet it. Afterwards we met a few more nice people who had seen us online and wanted to make a contribution. The walk at that point was very uneventful.

About 9 miles in is where things started going badly. I got pain from my hip flexors so we were forced to stop and rest for an hour to avoid injury. I was able to adjust my straps so it didn't hurt so badly, but it was an annoyance and I had to be careful not to aggravate it. After 10 more long miles with no cell service, we reached the town of Ohiopyle. We couldn't find the campground however, and we had to walk an extra mile back to where we had missed the sign. After walking to the top of a steep, rocky incline, we found that the camp was completely full for 4th of July weekend, and there was still no cell service to make a post. We ended up pitching a tent in an empty lot that we found, at which point we were exhausted. We had planned a rest day for tomorrow but we will be walking to the next town instead. At the end of the day, things could be a lot worse. This walk has not even started to get the best of me.


Trail Miles- 18

Steps- 48,727

Money raised today- $1606

Ibuprofen taken- 4

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