Rest day!!

I wish I could’ve slept in until noon, but I got up around 8:30. One of the cool things about sleeping outside is that the natural light completely dictates when you get up and go to bed. Electric light is another thing I will never take for granted again.

We walked into the town of Confluence around 11:00 to get lunch, and then we walked to a cyclery shop where we could access WiFi. The owner of the shop was extremely friendly and had seen us online, so he knew who we were. I then spent about 3 hours writing emails, which was not very restful, but it felt good to get it done.

When we got back, we decided to go for a dip in the river, thinking it would be warm. This section of the Youghiogheny was right next to the dam, so the water came straight from the bottom of the lake, and it was 54 degrees. I love the cold, so I got in anyway, but my mom only dipped her feet in.

In the evening we packed up and tried to get to bed early, but we‘d forgotten it was the Fourth of July, and there were fireworks going off everywhere. It was like trying to go to sleep next to a battle field. Pretty fitting considering the holiday, I suppose.

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