Another day, another 20 mile hike in the hot sun. Today we got up extra early and started walking in the fog, before the sun had risen. I was actually a little chilled for a while, which was a novelty. After a few hours of walking we ran into another hiker, which was rare to find. We all walked together for a while until we reached the parking lot near the 50 mile marker. The 50 mile marker was a big deal because it meant we’d officially made it 100 miles on the trail. We are almost 1/3 of the way done! A few miles after that, suddenly my knees started to hurt. It’s as if everyday my body spins a wheel and decides what is going to be in pain that particular day. Even so, I do think my mom and I are both getting tough, and we are definitely less sore than in the beginning.

We finally made it to the campground, a site called Husky Haven Camp (and we found out where the name came from). Coincidently there was a biker there we’d met on day 2, and we caught up with him. I’m exhausted, but things are starting to get easier, just like I knew they would.


Trail miles- 19

Steps- 47,365

Money raised today, $1,795.50

Husky hair on my clothes- too much

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