Today was a short day, but a difficult one. We spent most of the day in direct sunlight because we were walking on open farmland. To make it worse, we had limited water because there were no stops along the way, and we had to ration the it out to prevent heat exahustion. We were also walking on an uphill grade, tomorrow we reach the Eastern Continental Divide.

At least we were smart and

left early so that we could reach the campground before the hottest hours of the day.

Tonight we are staying at the Maple Festival campground, one of the nicest camps yet. It is right next to a giant Sheetz gas station, which we were audibly excited about the whole day (the host of the campground probably thought we were crazy.) Fresh food that isn't in bulk is just so hard to come by that we get excited every time we have access to it. Not saying nuts and granola bars are bad, they just get old awfully fast.

Our camp tonight isn't really a camp; there is a concrete stage that we just put our rolls and sleeping bags on, and we are sleeping out in the open air. We were expecting to be alone but another camper and his dog came in late. He is a Broadway actor who has biked all the way from Manhattan to support his art, all with a French bulldog strapped to his back. We've just met so many ambitious and incredible people throughout this journey, and we aren't even halfway done. I think they are my favorite part about hiking.

We are nearing Cumberland and our second rest day, but tomorrow should be especially exciting because "the trail has a surprise for us" as my mom says.


Trail miles- 11

Steps- 32,456

Money raised today- $1048.30

Mosquitos killed- 45

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